Tele-Tales: Exchange Show

Open Call:

In etymology, the prefix “tele-” comes from Ancient Greek têle, meaning at a distance, far off, far away, or far from. All these words, such as telephone, telautograph, telepathy, telecommunication, reveal the desire to convey ideas/information/connection from afar. 


Together, our curatorial teams, Emerging Young Artists from Toronto, Canada and Sparkground from London, UK, have conceived an exciting transnational art exhibition project: Tele-Tales, in which we share the awareness of the current urban living experience and/or situation, where humanity is at heart. This is an opportunity for artists from two different cities to communicate and collaborate, create and re-create, through the lens of distance and temporality. 


The exhibition also aims to promote discussions by emerging artists from a global range of evolving art scenes, creating chances for young artists and curators to cooperate as a community through the cross-border project. 


We want to hear from you! What does your city feel like to you? What is the story you want to share with people from another continent? What question(s) do you want to ask and probably answer together?  




The rules are simple; based on your submitted collaborative art project proposals and portfolios, we will be selecting two groups of artists/artist-led teams respectively from London and Toronto, and send the collaborative proposals to the other city. 


You will be mingling up with artists across the Atlantic and find the collaborative proposal that you are interested in. Then, you will be pairing up with one or some of them to collaboratively realize the project proposals from the other city in your city. 


Your collaboration proposal can be either more open-ended or detailed. That is to say; it’s not necessary to give precise instructions on the making of the project if your collaborative proposal is more like a statement of a particular topic/interest. On the other hand, the proposal can be as detailed as a scripted instruction for making a specific artwork. 



Portfolio and proposal submission deadline:

London 11:59pm (GMT+1), October 24th, 2019 (Extended)


Potential keywords but not limited to: 

city / collaboration / distance / time difference / identity / urban spectacle / urban planning / environment / assimilation / internet / consumerism / marginalisation / migration / post-colonialism / post-truth society / daily mundane / director-actor-audience relationships / interactive art / immersive experience

We want to know all about your ideas for your project and the practical details of how you are going to make the collaboration happen:

the interests of your practise/research

the potential medium of the proposed art project

how would you collaborate with artists from the other city


Submission Requirements:

  • Proposal of collaborative project (1-2 pages)

  • Portfolio (maximum ten images and/or video excerpts; artist's website if applicable; please provide a URL for the videos)

  • Current CV (2-page maximum, optional)

  • Artist biography (100 words maximum)


Please send your submission to: (London)



Exhibition Details:

  • The first exhibition will take place at the Cookhouse Gallery in Central London next to Tate Britain from November 11th to 13th, 2019. 

  • The subsequent exhibition will take place at Gallery TPW, Toronto in mid-December 2019.

  • The call is open for all individual artists and artist-led teams, especially in all new media arts. 

  • Selected artists based in Toronto, Canada and London, England will both be notified by the end of October 2019; 

  • All participating artists will be associated with a partner from the other city based on the information submitted to the curatorial groups, and produce an on-site work in their local city venue with the help/instruction/collaboration of their partner from the other city. 

  • All artworks made in London must be ready for installation between November 9th and 10th, 2019; 

  • The artists have to be present for installation unless a previous arrangement has been made in writing.​

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